Who are the Crack tumblers pigeons? And why in Russia they were arranged into one group of pigeons? After all breeds there are so many, and not only the Crack tumblers do somersaults during the flight. What are they different from other pigeons? First of all, they have a particularly pronounced flying style, characteristic details: clicks wings when you roll over the head, exit to the pole, characteristics not found in other  high flight  pigeons. For each breed this numerous group characteristic style summer and  flapping wings. In the air, their frequent coups over the head, combined with a loud clicks will not leave indifferent any fan of the flight of the birds. After the main time in the sky and several hours of flying they are able to go up to the roof of the native pigeon houses, and for some time go to sky, and so can be repeated many times. And how wonderful it is when the dove, pausing for a moment, starting to walk in the air, and make vertical lift!

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